limos4germany faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Limos4 Germany has been delivering premium transportation service in major German cities for years. To make your limousine experience go as smoothly as possible, we have listed the most common questions we are asked about booking and travelling. However, if there is a specific question which is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone: +49 893 8037 826, +45 89 88 14 24, or +44 2030 516 803, or email:

Who do we contact for the airport pickup?
Normally, our chauffeurs wait at the arrival terminal with a name board. The chauffeur´s name and mobile phone number are sent by email at least a day prior to the service. However, if you want to be met elsewhere at the airport, please call the chauffeur directly or call our operators at: +49 893 8037 826, +45 89 88 14 24, or +44 2030 516 803 and present your confirmation number to our operator. Your chauffeur will be immediately directed to the confirmed location.

What is meet-and-greet service?
Limos4 Germany´s chauffeur greets passengers inside the airport, waiting just outside the arrival terminal, with a sign displaying the passenger’s name. For cruise ports, bus terminals and other public transportation ports, your chauffeur will wait in the nearest designated pas senger pickup area. The chauffeur holding a name board will wait for you outside their vehicle.

Is there a fee for meet-and-greet service?
Limos4 Germany charges no additional fee for meet-and-greet service.

What if I don’t see the chauffeur for my meet-and-greet service?
Please contact our operators at: +49 893 8037 826, +45 89 88 14 24, or +44 2030 516 803 immediately.

What happens if my flight is delayed?
We closely monitor all flights arriving at the airports. As the estimated arrival time for your flight approaches, our operators react and instruct the chauffeur accordingly. You do not need to call us if your flight is delayed.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted for payment. Other payment methods such as bank invoice and cash are also possible. To find out more, please contact us by phone: +49 893 8037 826, +45 89 88 14 24, +44 2030 516 803 or email:

When are payments due for services?
The payment is executed the moment the service is booked.

Can I set up a direct billing account?
Yes. Please contact our accounting department at: +49 893 8037 826, +45 89 88 14 24, or +44 2030 516 803 for details and to request an application.

Is there a charge if I need to make a stop?
The additional stops are charged per stop (the maximum duration of 10 minutes per stop).

Is there a fee for waiting periods?
Yes, unscheduled waiting time is charged.

How long does the driver wait for inbound airport passengers?
The price-inclusive waiting time at the airports is 30 minutes after plane landing. Thereafter the additional waiting time is charged 100% of the agreed hourly rate. At some airports (Frankfurt and Munich), the price-inclusive waiting time is up to 60 minutes after plane landing. The price-inclusive waiting time at other locations is 10 minutes. Thereafter the additional waiting time is charged 100% of the agreed hourly rate.

What is the maximum luggage capacity?

Please check our passenger and luggage limits for each vehicle class presented on our online fleet page.

If the passenger/luggage count exceeds the limits, you will need to upgrade the vehicle type or reserve an additional vehicle. This will result in extra charges, so please select the vehicle accordingly.

To ensure a safe and comfortable ride, please inform us if you are traveling with any irregular luggage sizes or packages at the time the reservation is requested.

Generally, vehicle luggage space is designed to accommodate 1 piece of medium-sized luggage per customer.

Is smoking allowed?
No, smoking is not allowed in our vehicles.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation notices are required 48 hours prior to the scheduled reservation to avoid penalties if a sedan or a minivan is booked. Cancellation notices for minibuses and coaches might vary depending on the city and time of the year, so the cancellation policy would be presented by our operators upon individual request by email:

What are the hours of operation?

Monday–Friday: 08.00 – 23.00 CET
Saturday: 08.00 – 23.00 CET
Sunday: 09.00 – 17.00 CET

If you are arriving or departing during our off-hours, you don’t need to worry, as you’ll receive the name and phone number of your chauffeur, who will be tracking your flight and adjusting the pickup time in case of delays and early arrivals.

Are you closed on holidays?
No. As a premium limousine service provider, we offer limo service 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Do you provide child safety seats?
Limos4 Germany can provide infant, toddler and booster seats, and one per service would be free of charge. Every next seat is subject to a charge.

What vehicles do you offer for hire?
Our fleet includes sedans, minivans, minibuses of different sizes and motor coaches. Please refer to our fleet page for more information.

Are your vehicles insured?
Yes, all our vehicles are fully licensed and insured.

What if I forget something in a vehicle?
Please call us as soon as you realize you left something. All cars are cleaned at the end of the service and all lost items are placed in the lost/found bin. We will gladly arrange to meet you to return the lost item.

Can I book a limousine per hour?
Yes, our limousines can be booked by the hour and the fee depends on the size and style of the vehicle. We require a minimum of three hours for a limousine rental.

What is your privacy policy?
At Limos4 Germany, we respect your right to privacy and handle your personal information with care. We will use your information only to confirm your reservation and/or for questions regarding your service experience. We will never sell or share your information with anyone.

Why is the amount charged different from the amount I was quoted?
Your rate quote is based on the information provided at the time your reservation was made. Additional charges can result from changes to your service during your trip, such as extra stops, waiting time, or extended duration of your service. If you do not feel that you had any additional services, please call our office at +49 893 8037 826, +45 89 88 14 24, +44 2030 516 803, or contact us by email at to review your charges.